• Nationwide License

    IOL is a Nationwide (Whole Bangladesh) Licensed ISP. We can provide you the internet service in any corner of the country.
  • Technical Expertise

    IOL has a group of highly experienced and qualified graduate Engineers and professionals who have experiences more than a decade in IT and Telecom field.
  • Primary Link (SEA-ME-WE-4)

    The primary Internet link is from SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine cable through BTTB. The connectivity between IOL & BTTB is through optical fiber with redundant link.
  • Dhaka Chittagong Data Connectivity

    IOL has Dhaka-CTG dedicated Optical Fiber connectivity to provide nationwide intranet solution for corporate users.
  • Equipment

    IOL is using world renowned and top ranked servers and networking equipments in it’s NOC and POP’s as well with 100% redundancy. They are CISCO, DELL and Intel.
  • Fiber Optic Backbone

    IOL is the only ISP who has it’s own fiber optic backbone with ring around the Chittagong City Corporation area which is using only to connect it’s clients.
  • BGP (Automatic failover)

    We have redundancy of primary link. The primary link is BTTB submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE-4) link. The VSAT link is preserved as redundant link i.e. Backup of BTTB Submarine link. In any circumstances, if primary link goes down the secondary link will be automatically activated within 2-3 minutes and client will not feel the down time and there is no need to change anything at the client end which is actually called automatic failover.
  • Uptime

    IOL ensures minimum 99.99% up-time round the year.
  • Round the Clock Service

    IOL is providing “Round The Clock” (24 X 7 X 365) service.
  • Committed Bandwidth

    IOL always ensure the committed bandwidth as per agreement between IOL and Client.
  • Support

    IOL is providing support at on-site, over Telephone and messenger (Yahoo, msn etc.). The on-site support is available at day-light time and the other time, over phone and messenger, the support is available. IOL provides support from it’s nearest POP which drastically reduce the support response time.
  • MRTG

    IOL provides each client the web based MRTG (Multi-Router Traffic Graph), so that, client can monitor the usage of bandwidth.
  • CEPZ Support

    IOL provides the support for CEPZ clients from in-side CEPZ.

    IOL provides it’s own IP owned from APNIC to clients and it is permanent. So no need to change the IP at client end even if IOL changes it’s provider.
  • Firewall/Central Security

    IOL maintains it’s central firewall to provide better security to it’s clients. IOL can also configure and provide service and support related to security issues as per client requirements.
  • Unwanted Traffic Control

    IOL always cautious about unwanted traffic like BROADCAST, MULTICAST, STORM etc and using security to protect from it, which ensures much better service quality and uptime.
  • Domain Registration

    IOL can help you to register your own domain means your unique ID in the world.
  • End User Training

    IOL support team will train up the end users when and where needed.